We collect data to handle day to day business of the web shop, the most important tasks are shipping, communication and marketing. The legal basis for handling personal data is the agreement between us and the statutory obligations arising from it. The legal basis of the marketing is consent if the contract has not yet been established.

Your information is handled by:

We do not sell or give away our data. It is only used for WGT Shop purposes.

Your data is used for:

Storing of data

Our customer relationships are very long and can many times continue after several years of hibernation. We store your information, so its usable for you once you come back to the hobby. This makes sure we can provide you with the best experience and service possible. We will revise this policy once we are old enough to understand when we should delete information. Our partners destroy the data of course once they do not need it anymore. 

Your rights

Registry security

The information is kept in our secure IT systems in a digital form with proper encryption where needed. Only people with security clearance can access the information, the minimum authentication required is a password and an account, but more strict security is used where needed.


Your web shop requires cookies to work, they are small files stored on your computer and for example store your basket for ever and thousands of other features.