Sophia GT body, 200mm PF-1502-00


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Kita: Kėbulai
Gamintojas: PROTOform

The all-new “World GT” class was officially introduced to the American on-road racing scene at the 2008 International Indoor Championships in Las Vegas. All in attendance heralded it as a great new racing format, with Mark Smyka declared the first ever WGT winner. All the racers who participated enjoyed these new cars as well! There was a lot of grinning going on.

Just in time to start testing for the US Indoor Champs and the “Snowbird’s Nationals”, PROTOform is proud to release the first “purpose designed” body for the new WGT category – the Sophia GT. With its svelte yet functional shape it is sure to set a standard for the WGT class. It’s made to fit all the new 200mm pan car chassis that have been hitting the R/C marketplace as of late. Pulled in genuine .030 lexan it comes with an add-on wing, decal sheet and wing hardware.


  • Made with Genuine .030 Lexan
  • 100mm wide @ front w/ openings
  • 105mm wide @ rear w/ openings
  • 104mm high @ top of roof and wing
  • Add-on wing with hardware

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