Mulsanne LMP body PF-1501-00


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Producers: PROTOform

With the new 200mm pan car class gaining popularity with every passing month Protoform is introducing a new LeMans prototype body style , the Mulsanne LMP. This body incorporates the svelte look and the flowing lines of the many “factory works prototypes” that raced in the 24hr classic in the late 90’s. It features an add-on rear spoiler extension with a gurney flap as well as a high mounted wing. A pair of injection molded wing struts are included as well. The wing profile and wing strut lengths can be trimmed to optimize handling for both carpet and paved track surfaces. It’s designed to fit all of the latest in 200mm pan car chassis. It also comes complete with wing and spoiler hardware, window masks, and protective film. The decal sheets feature two different headlamp styles.

If you’re looking for a body style that looks fast, even sitting still – this might be the one!

Not legal for LASA events!


  • Made with Genuine .030 Lexan
  • Ultra low and streamlined fits all 200mm Pan Car chassis
  • Multi adjustable wing and wing struts
  • Paint then peel overspray film, sticker sheet, and window masks included

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